Mens Handmade Genuine Solid Geometric Weave Embossed Buffalo Leather Belt 1.5"


SKU: 33-020773BN-46


Geometric Weave Embossed Buffalo Leather Belt 1-1/2"

Available in Black and Brown. 

This is an excellent high quality hand-made smooth leather belt.

Made of a solid piece of buffalo leather. No cheap backing on this belt.

Belt has a deeply embossed Geometric weave design that extends the length of the belt. 

Great gift idea. Comes with a removable buckle. Approx. 1/8" thick.

The measurement for the belt is taken from the buckle end (not including the buckle) to the 3rd of the 5 holes, give or take a half inch, so a 42" belt would be 42" to that 3rd hole. That way you can gain or lose a little weight and the belt will still fit.

We recommend purchasing one size up from your regular waist measurement.

All our belts are actually 1/16" narrower. We cut them this way to accommodate the buckle.

Dealer inquires welcome.

Standard sizes are 26 to 46. Longer lengths are available for an additional fee of $5.00 USD.

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