Professional Hardwood Shoe Stretcher


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Professional Hardwood Shoe Stretcher.

Stretches shoes that are a little tight. Place Shoe Stretchers in shoes and leave for a few hours and test to see if more time is needed.

For best results, you will need to use one of our shoe stretch products. Use of this product on a dry shoe may crack or tear the leather.


Approximate Fitting Chart

Men's Shoe Size            Stretcher Size

12-1/2 to 14                            000

10-1/2 to 12                            00

8-1/2 to 10                              0

6 to 8                                      1

Womens Shoe Size

8-1/2 and up                           1

6-1/2 to 8                                2

4-1/2 to 6                                3    


Stretching Directions:

Determine the specific area in the shoe that needs stretching. Insert bunion attachment into corresponding hole in the stretcher. If entire shoe needs more width, use stretcher without bunion attachment.

Apply shoe stretch product to shoe as directed (Sold separately) .Insert the stretcher into the shoe and turn the handle clockwise until the stretcher has expanded against the sides of the shoe. Next. SLOWLY turn the handle clockwise but not more than TWO (2) turns. Leave in under tension overnight. Try the shoe and if more relief is needed, repeat the process.


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