Leather Mask Making Workshop


In this class students will learn the basics of leather forming and shaping and dying. You will produce a beautiful piece of art limited only by your imagination. How will you finish your mask?

Cost of Class: $50

1 Day Class: This class has one 5 hour session

Course Code: 18-100111

Required Materials

  • Olfa 300 Knife 
  • 1 Sheet of 5/6oz VegTan Leather (8.5" x 11")
  • Poly Cutting Board
  • Leather Lace (Students' choice - length determined in class)
  • Styrofoam Head

All items can be purchased on site if you do not already have.

See what some students have been saying about the course...

"Amazing course, highly recommend! 10/10"

"Great class! I would definitely come back for others"

"Outstanding course. Will recommend to all my coworkers!"

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