Medicine Bag Class

Create your very own personalized medicine bag!

Cost: $50 not including supplies

Skill level: beginner

Students will learn how to hand-sew and decorate a leather medicine bag using traditional methods. A medicine bag is a very personal item unique to the wearer containing meaningful objects.

Basic cost for supplies: $70-$100

-Size 7 Glover’s needle
-Small spool artificial sinew
-One yard sof-suede lace (colour of your choice)
-Deer hide(available for purchase on the day of class)

Optional supplies: beads, feathers, beaded rosettes – cost will vary depending on how you wish to decorate your bag.

About our instructor – Linda Laurent

Linda will help you find inspiration for decorating your bag – you might decide to use beads, beaded rosettes, or feathers. Supplies to embellish are available in our store. If you have a special decorative item you would like to use, bring it with you to class and Linda will help you incorporate it into your design.

Linda is a self-taught artisan who has been crafting all her life. She is an experienced instructor making many types of traditional crafts including dreamcatchers, medicine bags, drum makings, bag, and moccasins.

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