Mitten Making Workshop

Mitten Making Workshop

This is an in depth 2-part workshop on constructing traditional mittens. You will learn how to create a pattern, cut and assemble a full pair of mittens during the 1st Class. Go home and complete the pair and return to the 2nd class for finishing.

2 Day Class:   Classes usually run from 11am to 4pm - Check our Facebook events or contact store for schedule


Cost of Class: $95 per student plus materials


Course Code: 18-100116


Required Materials: 

  • Leather and fur trim (optional) of your choice - fur trim purchased after mocc is made
  • Pattern Pack - PM52 ‘Gloves, Gauntlets, Mitts’ pattern
  • Sinew (small roll natural, or colour to match leather)
  • Glovers needles – size 7 Glovers work well for deer; if heavier leather is used a heavier needle is required size 5 or 6, if unsure please ask
  • Tracing Film - Tracing film – 12” x 18” sheet
  • OLFA Scissors - SCS-2 or SCS-1 
  • Sherpa lining available in store. Other options include wool, cotton, felt, fleece


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