Poly-Sponge Brush Applicators - 4 Sizes


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The Poly-Brush® is made in the USA to exacting standards. We recommend the use of this product for all our Zelikovitz Professional Pigment Dyes.


The foam is fabricated by a specially formulated, patented method that posesses the perfect blend of characteristics for the absorption and distribution of an astounding number of materials.


The foam is beveled at the optimal angle to allow a smooth fluid stroke of the brush to produce beautiful even coverage. The heads of the larger brushes are formed as trapezoids to offer the user flexibility in application. The shape makes the product perfect for edging, cutting, and touch-up jobs, as well as full project applications.


A polyethylene stiffener cut to precise specifications, is centered in the incision of the handle and held in place with a steel fastener.The width and density of the plastic is calculated and measured proportionately to the size of the brush to guaeantee the perfect flex stability of the Poly-Brush®.


The Poly-Brush® handle is a handcrafted dowel derived from a select variety of woods recovered during the conversion process at the mill. The smooth coated handles are proportionately sized to make the brush ergonomically comfortable in use.

1", 2", 3", and 4" available


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