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Image of 4105-053-900 - 19Th Century Plains Indian Dress Book

19th Century Plains Indian Dress Book

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At last, a book devoted to women's dresses and accessories is available! Covering the Northern, Central and Southern Plains, as well as the Plateau, this comprehensive craft guide shows how to recreate both cloth and hide dresses of the 19th century, as well as the accessories worn with them. Using original texts and other period source material, the author discusses the historical background and tribal styles in vogue from the time of Lewis and Clark to the beginning of the reservation period. Lavishly illustrated with drawings by Alex Koslov and many fine, full color photos of some of the most exquisite original examples from world collections, this beautiful volume contains a wealth of information that no Indian craftworker or living history buff will want to be without. The highly detailed instructions on making various dress styles are augmented with over 100 excellent illustrations of techniques, layout, women's accessories, and designs, along with 82 full color photos of original examples, and 25 early photos and paintings of the period. 104 pages, full color, softbound.