Beads To Buckskins Volume 4

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If you are a beader, this series of books has the information and inspiration to motivate you, plus a wide variety of imaginative beading patterns and techniques with visual presentations of schematics and illustrated instructions for creative inspiration.

This volume introduces an exciting new style of beadwork that can be applied to any cross stitch pattern or design.  Discover the magnificent new look of cross stitch done with glass seed beads.  The design is unlimited and the effect will create a whole new concept of how you should approach beading.  Also the forget-me-not weave.  One of the most elusive, fascinating weaves used in beading is illustrated with instructions.  Creative netting for chokers and beaded collars.  The flower garden and shooting stars earring, the wind chime earring.  Each with illustrated instructions.  Learn how to use left over beads in a contemporary earring, also how to attach beadwork to leather lace in a herring bone stitch.  The Santa and Christmas Tree earring with seven other holiday earrings are illustrated.  The Indian head earring with dozens and dozens of graphed patterns for loom and applique are illustrated.

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