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Beads To Buckskins Volume 5

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If you are a beader, this series of books has the information and inspiration to motivate you, plus a wide variety of imaginative beading patterns and techniques with visual presentations of schematics and illustrated instructions for creative inspiration.

In keeping with the demand for new, creative ideas in beading, this volume exposes many time saving short cuts,  each with easy to follow, step by step illustrated instructions.  This volume introduces new techniques in beading.  The pull thread technique devised by the Navajo weavers has been applied to loom beadwork and is a unique way of dealing with end strings of loom work.  There are new and exciting graphed loom patterns and instructions.  You will enjoy the technique of crocheting with beads and lots of new, creative earring fashions are illustrated.  Shown are many beaded garments and traditional ceremonial dress of the Plains Indian with instructions.