Bone Hairpipe Bead 0.5" Black 10 Pack


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Hair Bone Pipes 0.5" 10 Pack Black


Bone or Horn Hairpipe & Beads: Over 200 Years of history as an important craft staple.

Zelikovitz Leathers offers a wide selection of genuine bone and buffalo horn craft supplies and products for all your Native American Indian craft supplies, as well as for use in contemporary craft and jewelry projects.


A very popular trade item, hairpipe has been in use since prehistoric times. Early forms were native produced from the columns of marine conch shells and were gradually replaced by glass, brass and silver. Eastern wampum manufacturers produced shell hairpipe from the Western Indian conch sometime between 1776 and 1798 and these were carried by the Lewis & Clark expedition, the Northwest Co., and Auguste Chouteau as trade goods. Bone hairpipe appeared around 1880, after a trader among the Poncas discovered that bone pipe stems from corn cob pipes were in demand as hairpipe. They were then produced in quantity in the shape of the old shell hairpipe and have been popular ever since.

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