Brillo Leather Color Spray - White 340g/12oz


SKU: 11-29767



Permanent colour sprays are available in over 30 stock colours. Will not rub off. Repels water, soil and stains. New and improved formulation!

Renew or change colour of leather (and some vinyl and plastic).DO NOT USE ON SUEDE.

Size: 340g / 12 oz

Brillo Color Sprays meet California VOC requirements.

Directions for use:

Clean surface with a leather preparer. Hold can upright and shake for one minute, until balls rattle. Apply evenly and thoroughly over surface to be sprayed. Drastic color changes may require a second and third coat.

For best results, do not apply in conditions of heat or high humidity. Use this product in a well ventilated area.

Always store Brillo Color Sprays at room temperature and away from heat, sparks or other sources of heat.

To prevent clogging, clear the spray tip after each use by turning the can upside down and spraying until only clear gas is emitted



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