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Amulet Bag Pattern


I'm sure I'm not the only person drawn into the mystique of Egypt, and what better way to express the strong feminine side of Egypt than with a portrait of Cleopatra. No one will ever be sure just what skin color she had. Many movies have depicted her as very fair-skinned (ala Elizabeth Taylor) and a few have shown her with darker skin tones. By using a high contrast I think I've managed to capture both concepts in one portrait.


This pattern requires just 21 colors of beads




 Original  ©Design by Chris Manes


Pattern sets include the following items:

  • Full color photo of finished bag
  • Enlarged full color pattern with suggested Delica beads
  • Life size full color pattern
  • Pattern sheet of alphabet and numbers to sign or date your work
  • See-through bead grid to help keep you on the right row
  • General instructions and tips for the pattern
  • Bead Patterns for the Serious Beader

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