Complete Brain Tanning Kit


SKU: 53-1


Everything you need to get started brain tanning (except the hide and brains). Unlike most 'tanning kits' this one provides you with very thorough step-by-step instructions as well as tools specifically designed for brain tanning. Kit includes:

    - Deerskins into Buckskins: 2nd Edition by Matt Richards. America's best selling tanning book, with clear step-by-step instructions on everything from acquiring, storing, and tanning hides, to caring for and crafting with your finished buckskin.
    - Deerskins into Buckskins: the movie more than two hours of detailed, expert, step-by-step instruction that helps you see how to do each step.
   -  Wetscraper/Flesher, for all of the scraping steps.
    - Softening Cable, the most useful softening tool.
    - KOH, wood-ash lye equivalent (potassium hydroxide).

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