OLFA DC-5 Blade Disposal Holster #1105056



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A Blade Snapper / Disposal Container That Fits Onto a Belt

A convenient new way to safely snap and dispose of dull blade edges, the portable DC-5 Blade Disposal Holster can easily be attached to a belt or a toolbag. It features two blade-snapping locations to accommodate various hand positions when snapping and disposing a dull blade segment. Simply slide the blade into a snap-slit and snap the blade for a new, sharp edge. The snapped segment will then safely dispose into the container. Accommodates OLFA AB, ABB, ABS, LB, LBB segmented blades. Incompatible OLFA handles: CL, CMP-2, PA-2, PL-1, SL-1, SPC-1.


Good For: Portable, convenient blade snapping for safe blade disposal.



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