Deerskins Into Buckskins 2nd Edition


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By Matt Richards, 240 pages plus photos and illustrations. Seven years of substantial improvements to the tanning process, woven into the easy to follow format of Deerskins into Buckskins. Deerskins into Buckskins is a step-by-step presentation of the simplest traditional method we know of to tan a hide. Most folks who have tried the tanning method in this book, now use it. Also features the most thorough chapters on using stone, bone and wood tools, history, science, hide glue, and garment construction.

What's new in the 2nd Edition!

A new 15 minute step that creates:

  • Easier to soften Hides.
  • Hides that come out super soft.
  • Hides that take the dressing even when dry, which in turn:
    1. Removes the variability of trying to get the perfect moisture content before dressing.
    2. Makes it much easier to get complete brain penetration on thick hides, which makes tanning
      thicker hides such as moose, elk or even thick deer, way less work.
    3. Makes it so you can skip one of the wringing steps (which takes 15 minutes itself).

This step is such a great improvement that it has really motivated me to put out this new edition.
Other key new highlights include:

  • Different skinning cuts for a better hide shape.
  • How to tan Moose, Elk & Antelope.
  • Bibliography (thorough and user-friendly).
  • Important improvements to the Bucking process.
  • Important improvements to the Dressing step-by-step, to ensure success for first timers.
  • A step-by-step guide to varying this books' Basic Method if you want to tan without the bucking step.

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