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Faux Leather Lace 3/32" 50 yd Brown

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SKU: FLS5002
It looks like leather, and even SMELLS like leather, but it's not leather. Don't be fooled by it's aroma; this faux-leather lace is perfect for cruelty-free, vegan crafting!

Use the lacing as a substitute for traditional leather lacing crafts. It will make beautiful dream catchers, jewelry, lanyards, or even binding on faux-suede and leather fabric projects . Compare this lace to other P'leathers and faux-laces on the market.

Manufactured from a matte polyvinyl, Tony's Faux Leather is available in two widths: 3/32 inch (2.38 mm) or 1/8 inch (3.18 mm). 3/32 inch width measures about 0.037 inch (0.9398mm) thick; the 1/8 inch measures about 0.040 inch (1.016 mm) thick. Both thicknesses are available on 50 yard (45.72 meter) spools. Select from colors Black, Brown, or Tan.

Made in the USA.