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How to Work with Leather: Easy Techniques and Over 20 Great Projects

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SKU: 978-1-911163-26-8

"A practical 'how to' book for leather techniques with a decidedly contemporary twist.”

‘How to Work with Leather’ by Katherine Pogson, published by Collins and Brown, August 2016, is a re-issue of her sought after ‘Complete Leatherwork’ book.

With over 20 projects, complete with patterns and step-by-step instructions, each designed to elaborate on a particular technique, this practical book is a comprehensive introduction to working with leather by hand.

Divided into three sections for beginners, intermediate and advanced, it includes a wide range of accessible techniques and contemporary designs, together with a guide to essential tools, materials and suppliers. From first steps through to advanced techniques such as moulding and surface decoration, and with a range of designs from desk accessories, boxes and notebooks through jewellery and purses, to sandals and even slippers - with several bags along the way, of course - there is something for every taste. This book includes everything you need to bring the highly sought after handcrafted leather to your wardrobe and your home.