Intro to Leather Carving Course


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Introduction to Leather Carving

3 Week Course

Saturday Afternoons

#1: 12-4pm
#2: 12-4pm
#3: 12-3pm


Classes start at noon - please ensure you have eaten beforehand, as we do not take lengthy breaks.

Students will learn how to use the 7 basic tools of leather carving,
leather terminology, dyeing techniques, lacing, etc.
Minimum required tools:


  • 2-8170 Basic 7 tool set
  • 8039-03 or 8039-06 Modeling Tool
  • Basic Leathercrafting Book
  • Mallet (Wood, Poly or Rawhide)
  • Tracing Film
  • 18-300 Bag Tag Kit
  • 18-44126-01 Rounders 3 Pack
  • 4108-00 Leather Book Mark 3 Pack


Course fee includes: Carving solution, dyes and other materials.

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