Jewel Tool 7-inch Sewing & Threader Awl TJ1419H

Jewel Tool

SKU: TJ1419H

This sewing awl can be used to connect two thick piece of leather, canvas, fabric, carpet, or other fabric too thick for a conventional needle and thread. It's best to place the two pieces together in a vice to keep them from shifting during sewing.

Thread the eye of the awl with a thick piece of string or twine, and push through. When the tip comes through with the thread, hold the thread, and pull the end through and hold it. Then back the awl out, and repeat. Each time the awl comes through the fabric, you pull the string enough to make a loop and thread your loose end through and pull tight. Simply repeat this process until you compete the connection.

Use caution! This awl is very sharp.

- 7 Inches long, overall- from pointed metal tip to base of wooden handle
- Has a hole in top of awl
- The awl's metal end is 3 inches long, plenty of length for you to work with the thread
- The 4 inch wooden handle is smooth and easy to hold on to during the sewing
- Great for connecting two pieces of carpet, or for repairing a tear in a canvas tarp
- This awl is very sharp, and comes with a plastic tip cover to protect you from injuries

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