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Jewelers Rouge Set - 4pc Polishing Compound

SKU: 3323-02

Work into leather for a strop to help retain that extra fine edge on all your knives.
Set includes 4 one ounce blocks each 1-7/8" x 1.25" x 1"

1 ounce blocks

White Diamond: is courser than red rouge used for removing deep scratches from soft metals or as a polishing compound on aluminum, gold, silver, brass and copper. Ideal for use with leather in creating a strop.
Tip: Rubbing on the back of a business card makes a great strop for your swivel knife blades.

Red Rouge: used for buffing soft metals like gold/silver to a brilliant high lustrous finish and will not scratch the finest or softest metals. Polish gold, silver, brass, copper and nickel to a mirror finish. Also ideal for use with leather to create a strop.

Blue: All-purpose, versatile compound is safe for use on all materials even plastic. (can't be used on low melting point plastic).

Brown Tripoli: used for cutting and removing scratches from aluminum and stainless steel, bringing out a high luster even on wood