Knife Sheath Workshop


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Sheath Making Workshop


Saturday 11am to 5pm


Guest Instructor: Dan Kingsley of Kingsley Armory


The Kingsley Armoury is proud to be providing instruction at a sheath making class at Zelikovitz Leathers.


The sheaths we will be contructing will be constructed of vegetable tanned leather. We will measure the correct size for your blade, do custom stamping and staining, and then the stitching.


There are two patterns available for students to use. The first is a tension sheath, meaning there is no snap to hold the knife in place, and it is formed around the knife to ensure a snug fit. This sheath will accommodate a blade up to 7” long and 1 1/2” wide.


The second, is a wraparound sheath that uses a single snap, or drawstring. The design of the sheath is traditional in some ways but it has a double lock that helps blades stay securely on the sheath if the snap comes undone. This sheath will accommodate a blade up to 5 1/2” long and 1 1/4” wide.


Zelikovitz will provide basic tools and materials but if you have your own tools that you are comfortable with you are encouraged to bring them. Kingsley armoury will be providing an 8.5"  patch knife for this project




Class is limited to 6 people.

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