Leather Care Compendium: For Shoes, Clothing, and Furniture


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Why should you care for leather? What has leather conditioner to do with environmental protection? How do I get my shoes to shine? What saddle soap is best suited and most available for saddles? Anyone who wants the answers to these questions and wishes to learn more about the history, application, and benefits of leather care will want this standard and very successful work. In many of the over 500 beautiful images, custom shoemakers show how to expertly maintain leather shoes, furniture, bags, automotive leather, coarse and fine leather, watch bands, saddles, horse tack, suede, and more. By following their leather care techniques, readers will win a small victory over the usual transience of our favorite leather objects. Also included are histories of influential international leather care product companies, providing readers with a sense of the scope of products available today. A wealth of leather information is covered, including leather types defined by dyeing and consistency, products from wax pastes, creams, and emulsions to oils, soaps, sprays, and grease, polish formulas, and much more. Readers may even decide that maintaining the rich glossy surfaces of their leather products creates a more sophisticated personal appearance.


This book was origanally published in Zurich for the European market and has now been translated into English.


Size: 7″ x 10″ | 763 color photos | 288 pp
ISBN13: 9780764345173 | Binding: soft cover

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