Moneysworth & Best Suede and Nubuck Cleaning Kit Cleaner & Deluxe Brush

Moneysworth & Best

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Suede and Nubuck Cleaning Kit

The perfect kit to clean and restore suede and nubuck footwear and accessories

This Kit Contains:
1 x Easy Clean 150ml / 5oz
1 x Deluxe Suede Brush

Easy Clean: Strong enough to clean loose dirt and remove stains but gentle enough to preserve the texture of delicate leathers and fabrics. This non-solvent shampoo refreshes and restores the original look of suede and other materials. Our advanced formula increases stain and water resistance without discoloring the article being treated. Use on suede, leather, nubuck, canvas, satin, rubber, nylon, vinyl and linen. MADE IN CANADA.

Deluxe Suede Brush: 4-Sided design removes trapped dirt and refresh the nap on suede. With handy appendages to clean even the smallest seam line on your footwear and garments can stay looking new, longer. Includes both rubber and metal bristles to allow for multiple levels of impact on the suede. MADE IN GERMANY.

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