OLFA NH-1 HandSaver® Cushion Grip XHD Cutter #9043




Slip-resistant cushion handle maximum control and comfort

This extra heavy-duty knife is part of the HandSaver® Knife Series featuring anti-slip cushion grip handles. HandSaver® handles provide premium comfort, and maximum performance. An acetone resistant, elastomer handle with a poly-acetate locking mechanism, makes it an official acetone resistant cutter. Ideal for tough jobs, the knife features a ratchet blade lock and a heavy gauge stainless steel blade channel that holds blade tight. The high quality carbon tool steel blade is produced using OLFA precise multi-step production process for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. Long lasting, durable snap-off blade - a new sharp edge with each snap. Guaranteed Forever.

Uses Replacement Blade(s) HB.
Suggested Uses cutting drywall, roofing, leather, rubber, plywood, etc.

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