North American Wildlife Patterns for the Scrollsaw


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Scroll saw artists never seem to have enough patterns especially wildlife patterns. Here, in her fourth book for Fox Chapel Publishing, artist Lora S. Irish presents more than 50 precisely drawn outline patterns for scrollers. Carefully inked lines make each pattern easy to follow. Scrollers may choose to photocopy or scan a copies of the patterns to keep their book intact or use the patterns directly from the book.

Ms. Irish includes patterns for each commonly known species of north american wildlife. Bears, wolves, deer, eagles and ducks all come to life under the scroller's blade. The subjects are all accurately presented so that the end result is a realistic-looking rendition of the animal.

Novice through advanced scrollers will appreciate the wide variety of skill levels represented in the patterns throughout this book. Ms. Irish includes simple patterns with no inside cuts for beginning scrollers. Intermediate scrollers will appreciate the great number of patterns created especially for their skill set. Several advanced patterns featuring many tight curves and inside cuts, are included for experienced scrollers.

Ms. Irish also includes brief cutting instructions to aid beginning scrollers. The instructions include information on what blades to choose, what wood to use and how to make inside and outside cuts. Safety precautions are also outlined.
Scrollers can use the patterns in any number of projects. Each pattern can be cut as is to make scroll saw fretwork plaques. Turning the table left or right will allow the pattern to be cut in relief, giving the final work a compressed, three-dimensional look. Intermediate level scrollers may choose to incorporate the patterns in jewelry boxes, cabinet doors and more.


Patterns are easily transferred to leather for your tooling projects.

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