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PMS Muse Doll

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Muse Doll Pattern #3

I have found that when it gets close to that "time of the month," my color choices tend to get a bit wild! I often buy clothes in colors and patterns that I would never wear in saner moments. The pattern in this muse represents that erratic rollercoaster of emotions.

This pattern requires just 5 colors of beads!

Included with your pattern is polymer clay face and the "hardware" you will need to assemble the doll - a metal strip to support the head, some ultrasueade to go behind it, and plastic tubes to support the legs and arms. All you provide are the Delica beads and whatever special beads you want to use for the joints, hands and feet.

The color of the face shown is only a prototype. The pattern comes with either a silver or gold colored face.

 Original  ©Design by Chris Manes

Pattern sets include the following items:

  • Full color photo of finished bag
  • Enlarged full color pattern with suggested Delica beads
  • Life size full color pattern
  • Pattern sheet of alphabet and numbers to sign or date your work
  • See-through bead grid to help keep you on the right row
  • General instructions and tips for the pattern
  • Bead Patterns for the Serious Beader