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Pockets on a garment can be as flattering as they are functional. Whether you are sewing tailored trousers or a casual jacket, choosing the right pocket can make a difference in the overall look of the piece. How do you know which style will work out of the seemingly endless variety of pockets?

Select-n-Stitch Fashion Elements: Pockets will help you decide. Whether well-made welt and side pockets for a fine tailored item so they are smooth and inconspicuous, or fun and functional patch pockets for easy accessibility and fashion flair - you'll learn the best methods and techniques to ensure your pockets are properly positioned, flat, and neatly sewn. The detailed instructions inside this handy guide also show how to choose, place, size and sew buttons and buttonholes, and how to sew the key stitches like and overcast or slip stitch. By selecting the pocket of your choice, you'll add the perfect detail to your own designs, and define your style.


Page Count: 152
Size: 7x5x0.5
Type: Soft Cover
ISBN: 978-1-56523-553-3

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