Preval 150 Feet Of Energy


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Perfect for touch ups, this non-VOC propellant provides a portable and silent alternative to shop compressors, delivering a consistent spray with no oil or electricity.


Preval's 150 Feet of Energy is a 2-in-1 pocket compressor and duster. As the popular power-source behind the vFan line of airbrushes, each compressor unit enables professional results with portable flexibility without the need for an electric air compressor.


Each unit delivers 15-40 sq. ft. of paint coverage with enough cubic feet per minute to deliver a perfect finish using automotive paints, lacquers, urethanes, latex, clear coat, solvent-based paints and more. The 150 Feet of Energy also work as powerful air dusters to blow out hard-to-reach spaces and reduce cleanup times.


Additional Details

  • Each 150 Feet of Energy contains 7 oz. of non-VOC propellant.
  • Threaded stem for securing Pressure Regulator (sold separately).
  • Get 5x the spray time with our Energy Disbursement Unit (sold separately).
  • Dusting wand included
  • Made in the USA

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