Preval VGrip


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vGrip Universal Handle

A 2-in-1 gun handle and ergonomic trigger that snaps onto the Preval Sprayer with ease. Also attaches to any other standard aerosol can.


Take the pain out of spraying!


Aerosol users may experience pain to parts of the actuating finger(s) which can lead to numbness, tingling, weakness, or muscle damage in the hand and fingers, similar to carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition in which there is long term pressure on the users median nerve. The vGrip's ergonomic trigger evenly distributes trigger pressure across your hand, further minimizing the chance for pain, slippage and accidents.


Safe and easy to use! The handle allows users to keep fingers away from caustic chemicals, solvent and oil based paints, dangerous fixatives and more. The vGrip also limits the potential for severe frostbite depending upon propellant composition.


Common Aerosols used in conjunction with vGrip Include:

Preval Sprayers, Insecticides, Lubricants Sprays, Brake Cleaners, Industrial Chemicals, Plastidip Sprays, Spray Paints, Primer Sprays, Protective Coatings, Fixatives Sprays, Carb and Choke Cleaners, Hobby and Craft Sprays, Glass Cleaners, Wax and polish sprays, Whitewall Cleaners, 2k Aerosols, Upholstery Cleaners, Tire Cleaners, Degreasers, Dusting Aids, Cutting Oils, Air Fresheners, Marking Paints, Varnish, Shellac, Stain, Anti-seize Lubricants, Electronic Cleaners, Glitter Sprays, Battery Terminal Coatings, Dry Moly Lube, Dry Graphite Sprays, Foamers, and so much more the list could go on and on.


Market research indicates:

Professional users and consumers prefer vGrip. Focus groups have tested the efficacy of other aerosol handle alternatives in the market. In many cases, while working with competing handles, users are forced to "bridge the space" of the open space between the aerosol's button and of the competing product's trigger mechanism. In these case(s), the only solution for the user was "balling up painters tape, in order to actuate the aerosol button".







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