Raphael Tapestry Necklace Pattern


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Wearable Tapestry

Raphael is the guardian of Midnight Mystique's dwelling. He looks mean and fierce; deep down he's just a big pussy cat. But don't try to take his teddy bear!

This design is done as a single flat piece in peyote stitch, with some brick stitch used on the sides.

This pattern requires just 14 colors of beads!  Not counting strap or fringe, he measures about 5 1/3" wide by 7 1/4" high.


Original  ©Design by Chris Manes


Pattern sets include the following items:

  • Full color photo of finished bag
  • Enlarged full color pattern with suggested Delica beads
  • Life size full color pattern
  • Pattern sheet of alphabet and numbers to sign or date your work
  • See-through bead grid to help keep you on the right row
  • General instructions and tips for the pattern
  • By changing colors you can come up with amazing results. 

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