The Art of Pyrography




Inside this book you will find easy to follow step-by-step projects on gourds and a maple burl. There are also new patterns not in previous books as well as a gallery of burnings from Nedra and other artists done on materials such as canvas, gourds, leather and other materials. Nedra's goal is to help you step outside the box and experiment with techniques as well as the materials you burn on so you can take your woodburning to new limits. Happy Burning!

Table of Contents:

Chapter One - Woodburning Tools
Woodburning pens

Chapter Two - Miniature egg Gourd
Transferring the pattern
Pattern for Christmas designs
Cleaning tips with strop and polishing compound
Cleaning woodburning tips with razor
Cleaning and painting the gourd
Adding the hook and ribbon

Chapter Three - Petroglyph Gourd Bowl
Cutting the gourd
Painting the inside and starting the burn
Marking & drilling holes
Burning the main designs
Adding the accent designs
Adding trim and embellishments
Completed project
Patterns for the Petroglyphs symbols
Photos from the National Petroglyph Monument

Chapter Four - Native American Indian on Maple burl
Design sketched on the burl
Burning the Nyol Hastiin, the indian
Using color
Patterns for the Indian

Chapter Five - Patterns
Beared Beauties
Chief Joseph
El Lobo
Golden Eagle
Hang in There
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
North Head Lighthouse
Longing for the Dusty Trail
Rhapsody Rose

Chapter Six - Life After Basswood - A Gallery of Art
Tagua nuts and maple burls by Jessie O'Brien
Maple burls by Fred Hirsch
Paper burnings by Becky Kelher and Renee Parks
Leather burning by Nedra Denison
Canvas burnings by Eric Ray and Nedra Denison
Gourds by Nedra Deniso

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