ZeliFIX Contact Cement


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ZeliFIX Contact Cement

4 ounces / 118ml & 32 ounces / 1 quart Made in Italy

Super Strength All Purpose Cement

. Leather . Rubber . Canvas . Wood . Tile . Metal . Glass .

ZeliFix is our best all-purpose cement. Holds quickly and permanently. It's flexible so leather will not become stiff and brittle. Waterproof and easy to apply. Brush in lid.



Surfaces may need to be cleaned or roughed up before cementing. Porous materials may need a second coat.

Apply one coat to each surface and let dry for 5 minutes to 1 hour, then join surfaces together firmly. Bond strength increases over time.


Warning: This product contains Toluene CAS#10888-3, Actetone CAS#67-64-1, Naphtha CAS#64742-49-0

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