Greetings from Prime Minister on 130th Anniversary

This certificate is presented to Zelikovitz Leathers in recognition of your one hundred and thirtieth anniversary.

Greetings from Mayor of Ottawa on 130th Anniversary

On behalf of Members of Ottawa City Council, it is my distinct pleasure to extend congratulations to Jamie F. Melamed, President of Zelikovitz Leathers & Crafts in recognition of its 130th Anniversary in business serving the community.

Greetings from Premier of Ontario on 130th Anniversary

The hard work and dedication of the men and women who have helped build Zelikovitz Leathers for well over a century is an accomplishment that has benefited the community and our province.

Greetings from Governor General on 130th Anniversary

To everyone at Zelikovitz Leathers: the fact that you have been in business for 130 years is a testament to your work ethic. You found the formula for success by meeting the needs of your customers and by adapting to a society and economy in constant evolution.

Curbside Pickup Available

Curbside pickup is now available at our Ottawa location. Simply enter CURBSIDE at checkout in the Discount Code. Make sure to include your phone number so we can schedule a pickup. You can also contact the store with your order number to schedule your pickup.

Canadian Customers Can Pay in Canadian Funds

Finally, our Canadian Customers can pay for online orders in Canadian Funds. Due to limitations in our shopping cart, all online sales were only available in US Funds. Now, thanks to Monaris we are able to accept Canadian Funds. You will notice a currency bubble at the top of every page. You now have the option to pay in either currency.

New Water-based Contact Cement

New Water-based Contact Cement
Introducing the brand new Zelikovitz 1882 Water-Based Contact Cement! We've worked with our lab in the United States to produce an Eco-friendly, odor-free alternative to the standard contact cement. This water-based neoprene contact cement may be used on leather, foams, Formicas, Eva's and rubber for combining or laminating. Its tough film strength is excellent for rib attaching, and on synthetic non-porous substrates. 1882 Holds quickly and permanently. It's flexible so leather will not become stiff and brittle. Waterproof and easy to apply. The non-hazardous formula ensures safe shipping anywhere in the world, including California. Available in 4oz and 1L.

ZeliPro Tools

Zelikovitz Leathers is pleased to offer our full line of ZeliPRO leathercraft tools. From swivel knives to bevelers, leathercraft stamps and accessories, ZeliPRO tools are the finest quality. We are leathercrafters and know that quality and price are important. That is why we strive to produce the finest quality tools and accessories at reasonable, affordable pricing.

Announcing the NEW

Zelikovitz Leathers is pleased to introduce our new and improved website. Along with the clean new design, we have added many new features. The responsive interface auto-magically conforms to your tablet or mobile device, allowing you to shop whenever and wherever is convenient for you. As well, we have eliminated the need for a membership, aligning our prices on all products to reflect the market pricing. As a result, we are able to offer lower prices on most products, at the same excellent quality that Zelikovitz is known for. We are confident that our new website will offer you the best leathercraft shopping experience possible.

Since 1890, we have been delivering quality products. We know we have a difficult name to pronounce and remember. This is why our new website is still works and redirects you to our main site.

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