Loxx® Pull It Up Fastener 1” Oval Plate Stud


SKU: 96-9510-N

The Loxx Fastener Oval Plate Stud is a complete lower section for a cloth-to-surface installation of the Loxx Fastener System. Made from durable, nickel-plated brass Loxx fasteners are ideal for use in marine environments. The heavy-duty construction of these fastener components ensures they will perform snap after snap, even in difficult applications.

Loxx fasteners secure automatically and lock tight until the button is pulled. This positive engagement is created by a stainless steel spring inside the upper head that fits around the ball head of the stud. The result is a fastener that won’t accidentally come undone, but is still easy to operate.

This stud plate installs with two Flat Head 6 1/2” Screws (sold separately).

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