LOXX® Snap Fastener Upper Part Heavy Duty Nickel Closure


SKU: 96-9320N

LOXX® Snap fastener Upper part Heavy Duty

For a complete fastener this item also requires: Loxx key (SKU: 96-9590) and any Loxx lower part (SKU: 96-9620N, 96-9450-N) and a 3/8" Punch.

Fast closing, securely closed
Surface: Nickel on Brass
Contents: 1 upper part big head with standard washer (clamping range up to 3 mm)
Simple installation
Made in Germany

The LOXX® Heavy Duty upper part is the best of its kind. Externally, we have reinvented our new LOXX® Heavy Duty shell inside. With an ingenious improvement, you have an ultimate upper part that guarantees even greater durability and better operation.

The Strongest, Most Versatile, Self-Locking, Quick Release Fasteners Ever Made!

Will never accidentally open. Will never rust. Precision Engineered. Withstands shearing force greater than 1,000 N.

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