Fiebing's Leather Stain - 4 Colors


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Fiebing's Leather Stain


Non-flammable, penetrating dye that provides long lasting, lustrous color. Can be applied with a wool dauber, spray gun or dipped.

Can be blended together to create even more varieties. Linseed oil based.

4 ounce bottles

All of the colors in the color chart are the most accurate representations of these products on leather than we have ever had as they are digital images of the dyes and stains directly on vegetable tanned leather pieces. 

Of course there is some variance based on your screen resolution and for the sole reason that you are looking at a computer screen and not a piece of leather but this new color chart at least gives you an idea.


*IMPORTANT* - This item is not available in California. If you order this product with a California ship-to address, your order will be cancelled.


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