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.020" Beige Braided Waxed Cord

SKU: 93-0011-020

Manufactured by Maine Thread in Lewiston, ME, this braided waxed cord is made of the same high-tenacity fibers as our twisted cord, but the yarn is finely braided rather than twisted. The effect of braiding creates a tightly woven cord with a different look and feel than its twisted counterpart. Ideal for any hand stitching project.

100% polyester high-tenacity yarn, waxed

Thickness: .020" (.51mm)
Weight: Light
Break Test Strength: 32 lbs.
2.5" tube with 70 yards (64 meters) of cord


Many crafters use harness needles when sewing with waxed cord. Harness needles have a rounded point and are often used for hand-stitched leather craft work.

Recommended Needle Size: 3 (96-5173)