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1.5"(38mm) Men's Black Solid Buffalo Leather Mechanic's Belt Handmade in Canada by Zelikovitz

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SKU: 18-0212BK-26

1-1/2" Buffalo Leather No Scratch Mechanic's Belt. This is an ideal belt for anyone who works on vehicles doesn't want to scratch the finish with a belt buckle.

We make these belts with the finest 9 ounce Buffalo hides. This is a solid leather belt. Approx. 1/8" thick.

Each belt is handmade in Canada in our own shop with a finished edge. We sew a double metal prong between two layers of leather for added security.

The measurement for the belt is taken from the buckle end (not including the buckle) to the 3rd of the 5 holes, give or take a half inch, so a 42" belt would be 42" to that 3rd hole. That way you can gain or lose a little weight and the belt will still fit.

We recommend ordering one size up from your regular waist size.

Item Condition: Brand New
Material: Genuine Buffalo Leather
Belt Width: 1.5" w(38mm)
Available waist sizes: 26" up to 60"
Color: Black

Made in Canada