135x16 Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine Needles Size 140/22 10 Pack Groz-Beckert


SKU: 50-13516-22


Sewing Needles 135x16 are designed for use on most walking foot machines. They have a wedge point designed to penetrate leathers, suede, canvas, vinyl, denim, plastics and other thick materials.  

135X16 TRI/DPX16 D 140
Mat. No.: 718682 | Packing unit: 10 pcs.
Point style: D
Needle size: 140 / 22
Coating: Chromium
Length butt to eye: 389
Shank diameter: 200

Point style D    
+ Wide triple-edge cut in leather
+ Straight seam
+ Thread slightly elevated
+ Stitch holes are wide open
+ Suitable for medium to long stitches

+ Hard and thick leather
+ Also suitable for cardboard

Belts, suitcases, heavy shoes and synthetics

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