16x257 Industrial Sewing Machine Needles Groz-Beckert Size 90/14 10-Pack


SKU: 50-16X257-14


Compatible with standard single needle industrial sewing machines

DBX1/1738/16X257/71X1 90
Mat. No.: 773295 | Packing unit: 10 pcs.
Point style: R
Needle size: 90 / 14
Coating: Chromium
Length butt to eye: 339
Shank diameter: 162

Point style R
+ Regular round point
+ Standard round point; cloth point with no cutting effect
+ Largely straight, somewhat irregular seam appearance
+ Thread slightly elevated
+ Suitable for medium to long stitches

 +Soft leather (clothing leather)
 +Multi-directional applications

Clothing, vehicle seats (also for foils and coated materials)

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