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1882 Water Based Contact Cement 4oz

SKU: 1882-01

1882 Water-based Contact Cement

4 ounces  Made in USA
A water-based neoprene contact cement that may be used on leather, foams, formicas, EVA's and rubber for combining or laminating. Its tough film strength is excellent for rib attaching, and on synthetic non-porous substrates.

1882 Holds quickly and permanently. It's flexible so leather will not become stiff and brittle. Waterproof and easy to apply.


Surfaces may need to be cleaned or roughed up before cementing. Porous materials may need a second coat.

Apply by brush, roller or extruder. 1882 must be dried prior to combining to give maximum bonding properties. It will change color, from off-white to clear, when fully dry. Press together and apply sufficient pressure to insure complete contact of the two surfaces. Heat-reactivate at 120°F to 130°F (49°C to 55°C) if not enough tack.

This is an Eco-Friendly product and suitable for shipping to California.