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2" Heavy Duty Poly Webbing - Black or White

SKU: 82-9737-1
Description 2" Heavy PP Webbing 
Breaking Break Strengths are given for comparison purposes only, this product is rated at 1428 lbs.
Content 100% Polypropylene
Description 2" Heavy Duty Polypropylene Webbing
Dimensions Width Tolerance +/- 1.0 mm.
Features 100% Polypropylene fibres, Heat and UV Radiation Stabilized. 840 Denier Yarns. Catch Cord Applied. Polypropylene webbing available in four widths.
Mildew Product is Mildew Resistant.
Thickness Product thickness is 1.4 mm.
Uses General purpose webbing for garment and bag applications. Polypropylene webbing has a softer hand but less strength than Nylon webbings.