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5VS YKK Vislon 2-Way Open Zipper - Black

SKU: 60-05VO2-32

YKK zippers are the industry standard and highest quality in the market.

Description #5 Vislon Black 2-Way
Base COLOR Black
Description  #5 Black Vislon Locking Zipper with double sliders.
Dimensions Length: 32" 36" 45"
Features Vislon takes weather well, is unaffected by moisture, does not support rot or mildew, and has a clean attractive appearance. Extremely strong and lightweight. It is corrosion resistant. The zipper is self lubrication to a degree and operates smoothly despite sand, mud or other components. Resistance to chemical s
Melting Melts at 480 F/ 249 C, which is beyond normal laundering or exposure temperatures.
Product Contains Teeth: Vislon Nylon Tape: Polyester
Strength Chain Crosswise Strength: 80.1 kgf Folded Crosswise Strength: 33.6 kgf Scoop Pull Off Strength: 12.7 kgf Slider Slippage Strength: 17.7 kgf Chain Puncture: 34.9 kg f
Temperature Heat resistance: up to 360 F/182 C. Cold resistance: down to -60 F/-51 C.