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Image of 97-06110 - 9/11oz  Black Latigo Strip 72"

9/11oz Black Latigo Strip 72"

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SKU: 97-06110-0

9/11 oz (9/64" - 11/64")  Latigo Straps 72" long. 

This chrome veg re-tanned latigo leather is made from U.S. steer hides. 

Ideal for reins, cinches, saddle strings, western tack and more.

  • You'll love the character, beauty and high tensile strength this leather provides
  • Well set out side has a great top finish
  • Offers the perfect combination of stuffing, flexibility, strength, beauty and yield
  • With durability and high tensile strength, this leather cuts beautifully
  • Tanned using the perfect blend of greases and waxes