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9/11oz Brown Latigo Strip 72"

SKU: 97-06150-00

9/11 oz (9/64" - 11/64")  Latigo Straps 72" long.

This chrome veg retanned latigo leather is made from U.S. steer hides.

We cut the full length of the hide so the minimum length is 72" long you may receive a longer piece. 

Ideal for reins, cinches, saddle strings, western tack and more.

  • You'll love the character, beauty and high tensile strength this leather provides
  • Well set out side has a great top finish
  • Offers the perfect combination of stuffing, flexibility, strength, beauty and yield
  • With durability and high tensile strength, this leather cuts beautifully
  • Tanned using the perfect blend of greases and waxes