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Image of A1160B - A1160B Standard-Duty Snap-Off Art Blade, 10-pack

OLFA (A1160B) Standard-Duty Snap-Off Art Blade, 10-pack #5007

SKU: A1160B

Multi-purpose snap-off art blade with acute angle

Standard-duty acute angle snap-off blade for use in a multitude of applications. This blade made from high quality carbon tool steel is produced using OLFA's precise multi-step production process for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. Long lasting durable snap-off blade - a new sharp edge with each snap. Fits most OLFA Standard-Duty Knives. 7 cutting edges per blade strip. 10 blades per pack.

Acute 30° angle easily cuts cardboard, plastics, coroplast, foam board, gator board and more. Made from high quality carbon tool steel.

 Good For: model making, scrapbooks, memory books, general crafts & hobby, etc.

In 1956, Mr. Okada, the founder of OLFA Corporation, introduced the world's first snap-off blade, which was inspired from analyzing the sharp cutting edge produced when glass is broken and how pieces of a chocolate bar break into segments. Since then, the demand for the snap-off blade has escalated worldwide.

Snap-off blades instant sharp edges are extremely economical. The cutting edge of conventional cutters that have one replaceable blade can be renewed only one time. You must replace the blade when both edges become dull. The cutting edge of an OLFA snap-off blade can be renewed as many as 13 times depending on the blade. For jobs requiring constant use of a utility knife, time is saved by eliminating the need to change blades often, increasing productivity in the workplace.

Snap-off blades are available in a variety of styles and sizes.