Acrylic Dye - 11 Colors Fiebing


SKU: 44-110-1


Acrylic Dye For Leather

Quick drying, long lasting leather paint for color coating smooth leather surfaces. Unlike regular acrylic dye which dries hard, Fiebing's Acrylic Dye is designed to be used on leather and dries flexible and water resistant.

Makes for a great edge finish too. The colors are easily mixed and can be diluted with water. Normally, Acrylic Dye is applied over natural or dyed leather using a brush. Many different textured effects can be achieved using

other applicators, such as sponges, daubers, wool, cloth etc. Clean applicators with water.


Packaged in 2 ounce bottles.




All of the colors on this chart are the most accurate representations of these products on leather than we have ever had as they are digital images of the dyes and stains directly on vegetable tanned leather pieces. 

Of course there is some variance based on your screen resolution and for the sole reason that you are looking at a computer screen and not a piece of leather but this new color chart at least gives you an idea.

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