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Acrylic Leatherworking Templates

SKU: 3604-01

Get professional results without the use of a heavy duty punch. Our acrylic templates can help you create perfectly measured corners, circles, rounded and pointed strap ends, belt end and symmetrical designs easily.

Product information

  • Made from heavyweight acrylic can stand up to years of use.
  • Quality clear template, easy to see your work.

Available in 5 options.

  • Corner/ Radius: 9.3cm (3-5/8") x 9.3cm (3-5/8") x 3mm (1/8").
  • Round Multi-Strap End: 14.5cm (3-9/32") x 8.8cm (3-15/32") x 3mm (1/8").
  • Pointed Multi-Strap End: 17.7cm (7") x 12.2cm (4-3/4") x 3mm (1/8").
  • Belt End: 22.8cm (8-3/4") x 15.2cm (6") x 3mm (1/8").
  • Multi-Shapes: 16cm (6-5/16") x 9.5cm (3-3/4") x 3mm (1/8").


  • Material: acrylic
  • Option: Corner/ Radius; Round Multi-Strap End; Pointed Multi-Strap End; Belt End; Multi-Shapes
  • Pack Size: EACH