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Adjustable Leather Stitching Groover- Oka Japan

SKU: 70-1066

This brand new Japanese Adjustable Leather Stitching Groover comes with a smooth and luxurious handle. Appointed with quality made Japanese parts to ensure the highest level of aesthetic and quality workmanship for making grooves in your leathercraft, for your overstitch wheel or pricking iron.

A handy tool for cutting grooves near the edge of leather work to ensure your stitching will be flush with the surface of your leather, increasing the life of your leathercraft.

Adjusts from 2mm to 12mm

To use this Stitching Groover, loosen the knurled locking nut and adjust the blade depth, depending on how far you want the stitch grooves to be from the edges of your leather, and re-tighten the locking nut until the blade is firmly in place, with the blade pointing forward. Once adjusted, grip the handle firmly then place the Stitching Groover on the surface of the leather where you want to create a groove. Make sure the centre tip of the Stitching Groover is placed outside the leather edge, because this will be your guide in making straight groove lines. Tilt the tool at a 30 to 45 degree angle with the blade edge touching the surface of the leather. Then pull along the edge while pushing the tool down to cut a groove in your leather. Add more pressure to make more deep grooves.

① 1 blade, the craftsman checks the sharpness with leather and attaches the blade. Therefore, it has a stable and outstanding sharpness. We attach rust preventive oil to the blade and protect it with a tube before shipping.

② The entire blade is hardened and black coated to prevent rust.

③ The metal of the shaft with the horizontal hole is made of a harder material so that the horizontal hole will not be damaged by the square corner when the blade is fixed.

④ The check eye of the main body is a non-slip when turning to fix the blade. The entire surface is plated to prevent rust.