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Barge Super Stick Cement - Quart

SKU: DC735

Ideal for permanent bond for the following materials: Polyurethane, Leather, Vinyl, PVC, Wood, Cork, Fiber Materials, Cotton.

- Water Proof
- Easy to Spread
- Superior Flexible Bond
- Urethane Base Cement
- Bonds most soling materials for use in the repair of shoes.

Dry Time: 5 Min.
Open Time: 15 Min.

Canadian and US ground shipping only. No international shipments. 

Made in USA

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Joseph
Skeptisim removed!

I had tried a few other glued to reglue a pair of Kobes that I love, and I looked online and found this glue has a lot of hype. I decided to take a leap of faith, and they are impossible to unbind now. This stuff is the best glue I've ever used! I am glad to have found it in Canada.